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Download Sumo Content Pro

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Usage Instructions

When you launch the software it will show you a login form. In both boxes enter trial and click Login. You will be using the software in trial mode.

Sumo Login Form

Free Trial Restrictions

During free trial you can download as many articles as you want but you cannot export articles, view them, save them or copy them. Click on Random button to open a random article and check the quality.

You must buy your own license if you want to use the downloaded articles. You can buy a a license for only $40 by clicking on below button.

Update Log

You will find all updates logged here. We make our updates public so everyone knows how active we are in maintaining the software.

  1. Added span, font table, li, tr, td tag to get content from urls.
  2. Add a button to open the URL in wayback machine
  3. Show wayback urls instead of domain urls to make it easy to open them and see whether they work or not
  4. show common domain instead of www variations to make cleanup easier
  5. Url mode bug fixed where failed urls in domain and urls showing empty or NA
  6. Auto-retry added. Retry failed urls, repeat for x times and wait for sometime between each repeat
  7. Some scraped urls had a buggy prefix added to them.
  8. Huge lists error – The tool was stopping upon scraping 500+ domains.
  9. Match url error and domain error upon retrying
  10. Count actual words rather than empty strings and show that number
  11. Feature to filter by “Word Count” did not work.
  12. Copying failed domains and URLs gave error
  1. Proxy testing UI hang-up – While testing for proxies the software used to hang up. This bug has now been fixed.
  2. Proxy usage cleanup – There was a bug which used to add a whitespace in the proxy password. This has now been fixed.
  3. URL filter mode not working – The URL filter mode was not working. This has now been fixed.
  1. Scrape content from urls only – You can now import your own urls and use URL mode while adding new project
  2. Custom number of threads – You can now change the number of threads as per your needs.
  3. Resume scraping after you have stopped it – You can now resume scraping after stopping it.
  4. Rerun only the urls that failed – You can now copy all failed domains and urls and add them to a new project and scrape that.
  1. Settings – bug resolved where clearing proxies was still saving it in settings
  2. Check proxies – proxy testing functionality added
  3. Post to wordpress – You can now post an article directly to a wordpress site
  4. Copy button – You can now click on a button to copy an article to clipboard
  5. Export urls only – Export urls only from scraped articles.