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Features Of Sumo Content Pro

Multi-Threaded Application

The software runs 50 threads per operation which means you can download content from 200 domains within few minutes.

Proxy Support

If your IP address gets banned from continuous scraping you can simply use private proxies. The software chooses random proxy from a list of proxies.

Save Entire Projects Or Selected Articles

After a scraping operation is completed or stopped you can save all the downloaded articles as a single project file, which can be imported later.

URL and Content Filter Support

The software supports bad word filter and URL filter. You can remove URLs such as login page and articles which contain unwanted keywords.

Check Duplicate Content

The software provides two ways of checking duplicate content. One is copyscape and other is random piece of content from the article on google.

Spin Rewriter API Supported

You can generate a spun article from the selected article using spin rewriter API. The output does not contain spintax but a unique version of the article.


Frequently Asked Questions

Sumo Content Pro is a one license per machine software. If you own only one license you can use it on only one machine. Each license is one time payment only. You cannot share your license or use it on multiple machines. Doing so will get your license banned.
The scraped content can be posted on tier 1 backlinks or some side project. Please remember to check the content on copyscape and make sure it has no duplicates before you use it. Most of our users use the content on their tier 1 backlinks only.
When we tested the software we were able to scrape 25,000 sites without any problems. But in case your IP gets banned you can just use 2-3 proxies and then scrape content.
We recommend using Just perform a search on that website and then use a filter to remove unwanted domains and then simple copy the domains to the clipboard. Paste them in new project window and you are good to go.
If you want to use them for building backlinks then you will have to stick to copyscape passed content only. You can use other content on lower tier backlinks, but for tier 1 you might have to edit some of the articles, remove some unwanted content and you are good to go.
No. Sumo Content Pro is a windows only software and can be run on only windows operating system. You cannot run it on Linux and Mac OS without using a virtual machine. You can rent a budget windows VPS for $5 per month.

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